Lake Garda-Limone sul Garda, Italy

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Period of this trip: October 2012
Country: Italy, Europe
Currency used: Euro
Duration: 4 days
Number of travelers: 4
Budget: 1760 € (ca. 450€ pp)
Best Period: All year (Best Time  from May to October)
Guide used: Na
VISA: None for EU citizens
General Info: Lake Garda is a nice and friendly place, where you can spend 3 days relaxing yourself. The view going down the hills towards the lake is simply amazing. There are many good restaurants and shops in the area and I suggest to take a full day to drive around the lake to see the scenery as well as to visit some of the towns on the lake shoreline: we visited Limone, but Sirmione or Malcenise also deserve to be explored.





Day Area What to Do
1 Rome – Milan – Tignale Easy Jet flight from Rome to Milan Malpensa. We rented a car at the airport and headed to Tignale (ca 3h via SS45bis). Later on, we checked in the “Il Camino” B&B and then we stopped in the local bar to have a Spritz (classic drink for the Italian Aperitivo).

2 Riva del Garda After breakfast, we went to Riva del Garda e we spent the day in the old city for shopping, relaxing ourself on lake river and eating nice food. We suggest La Tartaruga restaurant
and Le tre oche – Trattoria San Martino for either the lunch or dinner.

3 Limone sul Garda After breakfast, we drove to the lovely Limone sul Garda (ca. 30min for 23 km).
Things to do in Limone:

  • Visit the Limonaia del Castèl (El Castel- lemon house)
  • Visit the Chiesa di san Rocco
  • Visit the Chiesa di San Benedetto
  • Visit the Chiesa di San Pietro

Walking around, let the charm of this small village kidnap you! From June to September you can join free guided walks in the town (ask Limone tourist information office).
We suggest to have the dinner in Il Club Nautico Bogliasco.

4 Milan – Rome After the lunch we drove to Milan. End of trip – fly back to Rome from Milan Malpensa



– 3 nights-
Two Double bedrooms in Tignale:

Il Camino
Via Don Bosco 37,
25080 Tignale, Italia
Tel: (+39)365 760 030
360 €
Car Hire Small car hire (no insurance) – 4 days –
120 €
Trips & Other Petrol (32,5€ pp) 130 €
El Castel- Lemon House Tickets 2 € pp 8 €
Meal Average Meal Price 15-40 € pp
Drinks (Beers or soft drink) 3-8 € pp
Total Holiday Cost Range per 4 people (4 Days)
(inclusive of meals, souvenirs etc, excluding international flights)
1500 €
International flights Easy Jet (65€ pp) 260 €
Total Holiday Cost Range per 4 people (4 days) 1760 €





"...But the true voyagers are only those who leave Just to be leaving; hearts light, like balloons, They never turn aside from their fatality And without knowing why they always say: "Let's go!"..." - Charles Baudelaire's, Flowers of Evil

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