Cefalù, Sicily – Italy

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Period of this trip: June 2014
Country: Italy, Sicily
Currency used: Euro
Duration: 10 days
Number of travelers: 2
Budget: 1500 GBP (750 GBP pp)
Best Period: from April to October (to avoid August – peak season)
Guide used: Na
VISA: None for EU citizens
General Info: Sicily is the best place for art, culture, hiking, adventure, beaches, amazing food and more….
Advance booking is recommended.



Day Area What to Do
1 London to Palermo Ryanair flight from London to Palermo. Car hire at the airport (pre-booked) to head to Cefalu – 60km east Palermo.
2-7 Cefalu We rent an apartment in the old town from a friend. It was really in a perfect location near all restaurants, cafe’ and 10 min walking from the beach.
We did few day trips:

  • Piazza Armerina (Roman Villa del Casale) (140 km)  Unesco World Heritage
  • Taormina (222 km)
  • Mount Etna Hiking and Nature Trail – Many tours available
  • Alcantara Gorges, Botanical and Geological Park
8 Zingaro reserve, Erice, Terrasini Last day in Sicily, we decided to head in the western side of Palermo. We spent all day in the stunning “Zingaro” nature reserve – See pics…looks like Caribbean sea!!Just before the sunset, we went to Erice, a stunning medieval hilltop town near Trapani. The view is stunning.As we had morning flight from Palermo, we decided to stop by near the airport in the surprisingly nice small town of Terrasini. B&B we found was really good.
9 Palermo End of trip – early morning flight back to London.



Cefalu apartment
-1 week –
We rented a 3 beds apartment from a friend in Cefalu’ old town. Cost may vary according to season (from 400€ to 700€) – lauraruvolo@gmail.com 700 €
Terrasini B&B
-1 night –
B&B Terrasole
Via Francesco Cripsi 90,
90049 Terrasini, Sicily, Italy
35 €
Car Hire Small car hire (with insurance) 245 €
Trips & Other Petrol 200 €
Roman Villa del Casale entrance fees (10€ pp) 20 €
Alcantara Gorges Free
Zingaro reserve (5€ pp) 10 €
Etna Hiking tour (X2) 80 €
Meal Meal Price 10-25 €
Drinks 1-2 €
Total Holiday Cost Range per 2 people (10 Days)
(inclusive of meals, souvenirs etc, excluding international flights)
1.700-2.000 €
International flights London/Palermo –Ryanair up to 150 €
Total Holiday Cost Range per 2 people (10 Days) 1.850-2.150 €




About Silvy

“To travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen, The Fairy Tale of My Life: An Autobiography

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